A Special Session of the DaCoTA Research Project took place at the Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference held in Athens, on April, 25th, 2012. In this DaCoTA Special Session, the stage of development of the European Road Safety Observatory has been presented and the following areas of interest for evidence based road safety policy making were highlighted:
Developing the European Road Safety Observatory – current progress 
ppt5 Dacota overview TRA Special session
ppt5 Road safety policy-making – identifying the characteristics of effective road safety management procedures
ppt5 In-depth accident investigations – developing a network of teams across EU Member States
ppt5 Accident forecasting and comparisons – comparing the development of road safety across countries – state of the art of road safety knowledge
ppt5 eSafety and accident data – identifying the new types of data needed to develop active safety collision prevention and mitigation measures
ppt5 Naturalistic driving protocols – methods to observe normal driving to identify ways to address safety needs.