A paper titled “A systematic cost-benefit analysis of 29 road safety measures” authored by Stijn Daniels, Heike Martensen, Annelies Schoeters, Wouter Van den Berghe, Eleonora PapadimitriouApostolos Ziakopoulos, Susanne Kaiser, Eva Agner Breuss, Aggelos Soteropoulos, Wim Wijnen, Wendy Weijermars, Laurent Carnis, Rune Elvik, Oscar Martin Pere is now published in Accident Analysis & Prevention: Volume 133. Cost-benefit analyses were carried out for measures with favorable estimated effects on road safety and for which relevant information on costs are available, within the Horizon 2020 SafetyCube project. The information on crash costs was based on data from a survey in European countries and the results were assessed in terms of benefit-to-cost ratios and net present value, providing highly useful support to decision makers. doi