A paper titled “Public Acceptability of Environmentally Linked Congestion and Parking Charging Policies in Greek Urban Centers” authored by Virginia Petraki, Panagiotis PapantoniouAsimina Korentzelou and George Yannis, is published in Sustainability. A structural equation model (SEM) was developed using data from a questionnaire survey which provided a sample encompassing 733 respondent drivers from three main urban centers of Greece: Athens, Thessaloniki and Volos. Several statistical relationships were detected and quantified correlating the two examined urban environmental charging policies with five latent unobserved variables. Based on the results, public acceptability of environmental congestion charging policies and the public acceptability of environmental parking charging policies were found to be positively correlated with each other, meaning that a driver who supports one environmentally linked transport charging policy is more likely to support the other one as well.  doi