The 3rd International Conference on Road Safety and Simulation took place in Indianapolis, in September 2011, organised by the Transportation Research Board and the Center for Road Safety Center of Purdue University. NTUA Associate Professor Matthew Karlaftis was member of the Organising Committee.

NTUA presentations concerned:

pdf5 ppt5 An investigation of older driver road safety perceptions and driving performance on freeways

pdf5 ppt5 Is it risky to talk, eat or smoke while driving? Findings from a driving simulator experiment

pdf5 ppt5 Identifying riding profiles parameters from high resolution naturalistic riding data

pdf5 ppt5 Detecting secondary accidents in freeways

pdf5 ppt5 Young drivers and alcohol impaired driving: a driving simulator experiment

pdf5 ppt5 Model for sight distance calculation and three-dimensional alignment evaluation in divided and undivided highways