A Regional Workshop on Road Safety Data was organized by the EuroMed Transport Support Project in Greece, with great success on 8-10 May 2018 in Athens. This three-day regional workshop, the 3rd day of which is dedicated to road safety-related site visits, offered a unique opportunity to share national, European and international experiences and best practices with road safety data and allow a regional exchange on setting up a road map for the follow up actions

NTUA actively contributed with five (5) presentations:

  • ppt5 The SaferAfrica Project
  • ppt5 Road Accident Statistics: The Greek Experience 
  • ppt5 Strengths and weaknesses of road crash data collection in the EuroMed region – Diagnosis
  • ppt5 Understanding and bridging the differences between national reported and WHO estimated road traffic fatalities
  • ppt5 Setting up road safety reliable, harmonized and comparable data collection system and sharing at regional level