Apostolos ZiakopoulosDimitris NikolaouArmira KontaxiEva MichelarakiMaria G. Oikonomou and  Marios Sekadakis, Research Associates of the Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering of NTUA were awarded with the NTUA Thomaidion Award for outstanding road safety publications in scientific journals. The awards for publications in Scientific Journals concerned:

  • Ziakopoulos A., Spatial analysis of harsh driving behavior events in urban networks using high-resolution smartphone and geometric data. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 157, 106189 (2021). doi
  • Ziakopoulos A.Nikolaou D., Yannis G.Correlations of multiple rider behaviors with self-reported attitudes, perspectives on traffic rule strictness and social desirability, Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, Vol.80, 2021, pp.313-327. doi
  • Kontaxi A., Ziakopoulos A., Yannis G.Trip characteristics impact on the frequency of harsh events recorded via smartphone sensors, IATSS research, 45(4), pp. 574-583. doi
  • Michelaraki E., Katrakazas C., Yannis G., Filtness A., Talbot R., Hancox G., Pilkington-Cheney F., Brijs K., Ross V., Dirix H., Neven A., Paul R., Brijs T., Fortsakis P., Frantzola E. K.,  Taveira R. (2021), Post-trip safety interventions: State-of-the-art, challenges, and practical implications. Journal of safety research, 77, pp. 67-85. doi
  • Ziakopoulos A., Oikonomou M. G., Vlahogianni E. I., & Yannis G. (2021). Quantifying the implementation impacts of a point to point automated urban shuttle service in a large-scale network. Transport Policy, 114, pp. 233-244. doi
  • Sekadakis M., Katrakazas C., Michelaraki E., Kehagia F., & Yannis G. (2021). Analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on collisions, fatalities and injuries using time series forecasting: The case of Greece. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 162, 106391. doi