The 14th International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled persons (TRANSED) took place with great success in Lisbon on 28-31 July 2015. The main objective of the Conference was to promote and encourage the development of transport services and systems that meet the needs of people with some sort of disability through the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and experience. New cases and experiences and new knowledge were presented with focus on ambitious aim setting and management for inclusive access for all types of temporary or permanent disabilities

NTUA presentations concerned:

pdf5 ppt5 Road traffic casualties in the elderly in Europe: analysis of macroscopic and in-depth data

pdf5 ppt5 Assessing driving behaviour in the elderly: methodological issues

pdf5 ppt5 How does distracted driving affect reaction time of older drivers?

pdf5 ppt5 Driving performance profiles of drivers with parkinson’s disease

pdf5 ppt5 Driving difficulties as reported by elderly drivers with MCI and without neurological impairment: implications for road design