The 13th World Conference on Transport Research, organised by the World Conference on Transport Research Society and by the COPPE – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, took place in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, between 15-18 July 2013. More than 1.200 participants from more than 60 countries presented and discussed the most recent trends in transport research in more than 900 oral presentations and in more than 100 poster presentations. Traffic safety analysis and policy was a major topic area (C4) of the Conference with more than 50 presentations.

NTUA road safety presentations concerned:

pdf5 ppt5 Review of distracted driving factors

pdf5 ppt5 Characteristics of road accidents with young people in Europe

pdf5 ppt5 Parameters affecting road fatalities outside urban areas in Europe

pdf5 ppt5 Seasonal distributions of road fatalities in Europe

pdf5 ppt5 Motivations, travel habits, attitudes and behaviour of European Pedestrians

pdf5 ppt5 Evolution in motorcycle crashes and current crash characteristics in the OECD countries

pdf5 ppt5 Contributory factors of powered two wheelers crashes

pdf5 ppt5 Misreporting injury severity in European road accidents

pdf5 ppt5 Impact of meteorological factors on the number of injury accidents

pdf5 ppt5 Powered Two Wheelers Safety Measures: Recommendations and Priorities