NTUA within the framework of the Sixth UN Global Road Safety Week organised with great success a Scientific Workshop titled “Innovation in Road Safety Research” which was held online on May 20th, 2021. The objective of this Workshop was to highlight through an intensive flow of presentations the main findings and challenges of key road safety research projects carried out within the NTUA Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering and to open up the discussion in a round table with high-level experts on key innovations in road safety research in Greece, in Europe and worldwide. NTUA supports actively the UN Global Road Safety Week pledge for speed limits of 30km/h in urban areas

  • Workshop Programme: pdf5
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  • Workshop Video: video

Workshop presentations concerned:

  1. ppt5 The NTUA Road Safety Observatory
  2. ppt5 Driver needs and behaviour in automated traffic – Drive2theFuture
  3. ppt5 Societal impacts of connected and automated vehiclesLevitate
  4. ppt5 Shared Automation Operating Models for Worldwide AdoptionShow
  5. ppt5 Holistic Approach for Driver Role Integration into AutomationHadrian
  6. ppt5 Driver-vehicle-environment interactions and safety tolerancei-Dreams
  7. ppt5 Smart city mapping for safer and eco driver behaviourSmartMaps
  8. ppt5 Smartphone applications for driver safety behaviour supportBeSmart
  9. ppt5 Development of the Road Safety Strategic Plan in Greece 2021-2030
  10. ppt5 Collection of Road Safety KPIs in GreeceBaseline-G
  11. ppt5 EU Methodology for Road Safety KPI Collection – Baseline-I
  12. ppt5 Open science in road safetyBeOpen
  13. ppt5 A Methodology for Network-wide Road AssessmentNetSafety
  14. ppt5 Modelling crash modification factors globallyi-SafeModels
  15. ppt5 Road Safety Audit of the Hellinikon Metropolitan Pole
  16. ppt5 Monitoring road safety attitudes globallyEsra2
  17. ppt5 Investigation of driver distraction effect using big data from smartphones
  18. ppt5 Safety behaviour assessment of older drivers in real driving conditions
  19. ppt5 Covid-19 impact on mobility and safety
  20. ppt5 Model traffic and parking arrangements for the Athens Great Walk
  21. ppt5 Electromobility as driver for sustainable mobility and safetye-Mopoli
  22. ppt5 Socio-economic impact of environmental transport chargingEcoCharge

Round table discussion:

  1.  ppt5 Safety Innovations in Automation and Connectivity, Prof. Andrew Morris
  2.  ppt5 How are Emerging Data Enabling Smarter Safety Applications?, Prof. Constantinos Antoniou
  3.  ppt5 Innovations for Safe Driver Behaviour, Prof. Tom Brijs
  4.  ppt5 Which Values for Future Safety Technologies, Ass.Prof. Eleonora Papadimitriou