The 3rd pan-hellenic Highways Engineering Conference, organised by the Technical Chamber of Greece, took place on 9-10 February 2012 in Athens.

NTUA road safety presentations concerned:

ppt5 Safety in Road Design

pdf5 ppt5 Development of a Strategic Plan for the improvement of road safety in Greece, 2011-2020

pdf5 ppt5 Application of the Interactive Highway Safety Design Model (IHSDM) in Greece

pdf5 ppt5 Comparative analysis of road safety parameters on European motorways

pdf5 ppt5 Parameters Affecting Greek Drivers Willingness to Pay for the Avoidance of Road Accidents

pdf5 Recording and Evaluation Procedure of Drivers’ Distraction. The Case of Thessaloniki’s Ring Road.

pdf5 Contribution to the investigation of behavior of drivers under fatigue, with the use of innovative technologies

pdf5 ppt5 Road Safety Audit: principles and implementation in Greece. The case of Attica Tollway (“Attiki Odos”)

pdf5 ppt5 Development of a methodology for road safety impact assessment of infrastructure projects in Greece

pdf5 ppt5 Analysis of the safety impact of advertising signs on the number of road accidents