NTUA within the framework of the Fifth UN Global Road Safety Week organized a Scientific Workshop titled “Digitalisation and Road Safety Research” which took place with great success on 17 May 2019 in Athens. This Workshop attempted to shed light into the role and the challenges of digitalisation on road safety, through an intensive flow of state-of-the-art presentations of key NTUA road safety research projects and a vivid Expert Panel discussion on new perspectives and horizons of road safety in the digital era in Europe and worldwide. pdf5  Workshop presentations concerned:

  1. ppt5  The NTUA Road Safety Observatory – Nrso
  2. ppt5  Driver needs and behaviour in automated traffic – Drive2theFuture
  3. ppt5  Societal impacts of connected and automated vehicles – Levitate
  4. ppt5  Smartphone exploitation for event spatial analysis & mapping-Sesame
  5. ppt5  Data science techniques for driving behaviour evaluation – OSeven
  6. ppt5  Smartphone applications for driver safety behaviour support – BeSmart
  7. ppt5  Driver-vehicle-environment interactions and safety tolerance – i-Dreams
  8. ppt5  The African Road Safety Observatory – SaferAfrica
  9. ppt5  The road safety center of Saudi Arabia– RscKsa
  10. ppt5  Measuring risk exposure in Ireland – IrlExpo
  11. ppt5  Open science in road safety – BeOpen
  12. ppt5  Big data for road safety – ForSafety
  13. ppt5  Monitoring road safety culture – SafeCulture
  14. ppt5  Monitoring road safety attitudes globally – Esra
  15. ppt5  Cycling under the influence of alcohol and drugs – Velivr
  16. ppt5  Safety skills of future transportation professionals – Skillful
  17. ppt5  Actions to improve drivers’ safety behavior – SafeBehave
  18. ppt5  Economic analysis of road infrastructure safety projects – EibCba
  19. ppt5  Modelling crash modification factors globally – i-safemodels
  20. ppt5  Safety implications from electromobility – e-mopoli

 Panel Discussion