The NTUA Department of Transportation Planning and Engineering organised with great success a Scientific Workshop titled “Telematics and Driver Behaviour” which took place in Athens on April 4th, 2023. Key driver telematics research findings were demonstrated and discussed, highlighting spectacular safety benefits from monitoring, evaluation and improvement of driver behaviour through feedback tools, social gamification schemes and motivation for drivers.

Workshop Presentations:

  • ppt5 Telematics, Big Data and Road Safety – nrso
  • ppt5 Improving driving behaviour through OSeven’s telematics application – Oseven
  • ppt5 Key road safety and telematics data – i-Safemodels
  • ppt5 Development of a global road safety model – i-Safemodels
  • ppt5 Exploiting surrogate safety measures and road design characteristics towards crash investigations in motorway segments – i-Safemodels
  • ppt5 A crash hotspot identification and safety ranking methodology – i-Safemodels
  • ppt5 State of the art on spatial analysis and visualization tools for potential telematics applications – SmartMaps
  • ppt5 Spatial analysis of telematics surrogate safety measures across road environments – SmartMaps
  • ppt5 From understanding the effects of driving behaviour on fuel consumption to a personalized eco-recommendation system – EcoDrive
  • ppt5 A personalized framework for fuel efficient route planning – EcoDrive
  • ppt5 The transformation of the insurance industry and road safety by driver safety behaviour telematics – BeSmart
  • ppt5 Investigating the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on driver behaviour through telematics data – Covid-19
  • ppt5 Evaluation of safety interventions on risky driving behavior using data from a novel naturalistic driving experiment – i-Dreams
  • ppt5 Modelling the inter-relationship between task complexity, coping capacity and crash risk – i-Dreams
  • ppt5 Telematics, microsimulation and road safety assessment requirements for the enhancement of analytic tools – Phoebe