During the European Transport Research Arena Conference 2016, that took place in Warsaw from 18 to 21 April 2016, NTUA has contributed a series of road safety presentations with key results from the various national and international road safety research activities that is involved:

pdf5 ppt5 An Exploration of Road Safety Parameters in Belarus and the European Union (BeSafe)

pdf5 ppt5 Pedestrian Risk Taking while Road Crossing: A Comparison of Observed and Declared Behaviour (PedMod)

pdf5 ppt5 Innovative Insurance Schemes: Pay As/How You Driver (PhD)

pdf5 ppt5 Predicting Road Accidents: a Rare-Events Modeling Approach (PhD)

pdf5 ppt5 Use of Accident Prediction Models in Road Safety Management – An International Inquiry(PRACT)

pdf5 ppt5 Development of a Transnational Accident Prediction Model (PRACT)

pdf5 ppt5 Management of Road Infrastructure Safety (IRTAD)

pdf5 ppt5 Road Safety Investments and Interventions in South East Europe (ROSEE)

pdf5 ppt5 Investigating the Effect of Area Type and Traffic Conditions on Distracted Driving Performance(Distract)

pdf5 ppt5 Which are the Critical Measures to Assess the Driving Performance of Drivers With Brain Pathologies? (DriverBrain)

pdf5 ppt5 How Safe Are Cyclists on European Roads? (ERSO+)

pdf5 ppt5 Characteristics and Causes of HGV and Buses Accidents in Europe (ERSO+)

ppt5 Socioeconomic status and traffic safety of pre-school children: a study in Athens (PhD)