ETSC PIN Report – little progress but great potential 2007

In June 2007, ETSC published the PIN Annual Report. The country data showed that France, Luxembourg and Belgium have reached the greatest reductions in the number of yearly road deaths between 2001 and 2005. Highest levels of seat belt wearing are recorded in France, Germany and Malta, while the Czech Republic, Belgium and Germany have achieved greatest improvements in the area of drink driving over the last decade. pdf5

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Accident risk by vehicle characteristics, Greece 2004

Accident risk of PTW decreases with vehicle age. Accident risk of passenger cars is increased for new (<2 years) and old (>10 years) vehicles. Accident risk outside buitl-up areas at nights or at weekends is much higher, especially for PTW’s. pdf5

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Accident risk by driver’s characteristics, Greece 2004

Accident risk of young drivers is 4 times the average for car drivers and 5 times the average of PTW riders. Drivers >65 years old are at increased risk, especially when riding mopeds or motorcycles. Accident risk decreases with driving experience. Vehicle age <1 year or >10 years is associated with increased accident risk. Male drivers (especially young ones) have much higher accident risk than females. pdf5

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