Authors Title Paper Presentation
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Andrew Tarko Estimating the Conflict-Crash Relationship
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Dimosthenis Pavlou and George Yannis Assessing driving performance of older drivers – A literature review
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Brayan Gonzalez-Hernandez, Davide Shingo Usami and Luca Persia Analyzing the Africa Road Safety Action Plan through the SaferAfrica Crowdsourcing tool
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Iwona Jatowczyc and Maciej Zawiślak Analysis of the amniotic fluid impact on the fetus during traffic accidents
Mariane Bobermin and Sara Ferreira Evaluating Individual Heterogeneity in the Probability of Crash Involvement
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Maike Metz-Peeters The effect of speed limits on accident frequency on the German Autobahn - A causal machine learning approach
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Yasir Ali, Md. Mazharul Haque and Simon Washington A real-time crash risk estimation framework for signalized intersections
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Thanushan Rajeswaran, Bhagwant Persaud and Alireza Jafari Anarkooli Issues in Developing and Applying Crash-Conflict Models
Ferran Torrent, Javier Frade and Jordi Casas Towards ML-based real-time traffic simulation
Warren Brodsky and Avinoam Borowsky The Effects Of Music Background On Hazard Perception Among Young Adult Drivers
Eftychia Zargiannaki, Panagiotis G. Tzouras, Eleni Antoniou, Christos Karolemeas and Konstantinos Kepaptsoglou Assessing the impacts of traffic calming at network level. A multimodal agent-based simulation
Abrar Hazoor, Alberto Terrafino, Leandro Di Stasi and Marco Bassani Influence of V-ISA technology on driver behavior along curves with sight limitations
Maryam Hasanpour and Bhagwant Persaud Using Microsimulation to Investigate the Optimal Deployment of Leading Pedestrian Intervals at Signalized Intersections
Anuj Pradhan, Apoorva Hungund, Ganesh Pai and Jaji Pamarthi How Does Training Influence Use and Understanding of Advanced Vehicle Technologies: A Simulator Evaluation of Driver Behaviour & Mental Models
Bart De Vos, Ariane Cuenen, Veerle Ross, Hélène Dirix, Kris Brijs and Tom Brijs The effectiveness of an intelligent speed assistance system with real-time speeding interventions for truck drivers: a Belgian simulator study
Mouyid Islam An Empirical Assessment on the Effect of Geometry and Non-Geometry Factors in Work zone Crashes with Unobserved Heterogeneity
Riana Tanzen, Reginald Souleyrette, Teng Wang and William Staats Incorporating Crash Severity to Improve Highway Safety Project Prioritization
Chuan Xu, Kaan Ozbay, Hongling Liu, Kun Xie and Di Yang Exploring the Impact of Truck Traffic on Road Segment-based Severe Crash Proportion using Extensive Weigh-in-Motion Data
Bekir Bartin, Kaan Ozbay and Chuan Xu Safety Performance Functions for Two-Lane Urban Arterial Segments
Melissa Paciulli, Song Gao, Michael Knodler, Tracy Zafian and Donald Fisher Analyzing ADHD and NonADHD Driver Differences in City vs. Rural Simulated Driving Environments
Cliford Gobo and Thabani Nyoni Internet of Things and Road Safety: Challenges and Opportunities for Africa
Cliford Gobo and Thabani Nyoni Crash Data Analysis & Prediction in Zimbabwe: An Application of ARIMA Models
Saad Roustom, Adam Weiss and Yasser Hassan Environmental Impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicles Considering Traffic Flow and Road Characteristics
Abduallah Bayomi, Mohamed Shawky, Mohamed Okail and Ahmed Osama Investigating Pedestrian Safety-Related Behavior in Developing Countries; Egypt as a Case
Jahnavi Yarlagadda and Digvijay S. Pawar Pawar Braking Behavior Profiling of Professional Car Drivers using Instrumented Vehicle Data
Jianyou Zhao and Yu Xiao Research on urgency classification of emergency supplies based on combined method
Solmaz Razmi Rad, Haneen Farah, Henk Taale, Bart Van Arem and Serge Hoogendoorn The impact of a dedicated lane for connected and automated vehicles on the behavior of drivers of manual vehicles
Carl Johnsson and Aliaksei Laureshyn Identification of evasive action in traffic interactions and conflicts
8th Road Safety and Simulation Conference
Athens, 08 - 10 June, 2022